Old Seto ware tea bowl with gold and silver restorations 15-16c (Dealer: hotoke antiques) – Mature ash-glazed Seto ware tea bowl of handed down excavation through the generations, dated back to Muromachi period, Japan, circa 15th-16th century, classified into the type of ‘Ko-Seto’ (Old Seto ware) which is made during 12th-15th century. Pragmatically “designed” with aged ‘gintsugi’ silver-restorations by the predecessor and quality ‘kintsugi’ gold-restorations by a present skillful kintsugi artisan as a master of today who works for the museum exhibits. (as I ordered him.) In practically aesthetic antique condition as is, with some restorations and cracks as seen. (No leak for the kintsugi at inner bottom part, though some cracks at surface foot) Attached with aged wood box. approx. D 16.2cm (6.37in), H 7cm (2.75in)



Sold, Thank you.



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