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Outlanders – Japanese handpainted fragmentary leaf 19c (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – From right to left: Black people titled as ‘Kuronbo’ (Land of Africa), Long-armed people titled as ‘Tenagajima’ (Land of Long-armed people), and Long-legged people titled as ‘Ashinagajima’ (Land of Long-legged people)

Fragmentary leaf (dankan) of the three pictures of imaginary and hearsay outlanders (foreigners) described from the Japanese perspective (as they themself (we ourself) are yellowish dwarfish people) under the isolationism in Edo period. Originally modeled and succeeded from a legendary ancient Chinese geography book, ‘Classic of Mountains and Seas’ (‘Shan Hai Jing’, BC 4-3rd century).

approx. 112 x 26.5cm (44.09 x 10.43in)


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