REBEL RAKU VASE (Dealer: hotoke) – Unique and scarce wabi art piece of an angular gourd shaped Raku pottery vase with only a trickle of dark gray green glaze, with a seal of ‘Bunshichi’ at the bottom, attached with a signed wood box (as ‘Kasugayama kakuhyo-Hanaire’ (Angular gourd shaped vase in the style of Kasugayama kiln) and ‘Bunshichi’) and a small printed note about ‘Bunshichi Kaihatsu’ (1896-1971) known as a rebel potter (also a barber) called “The Weird and The Genius” explained by Kaishu Takahashi as the ex curator of Ishikawa Prefectural Museum. approx. H 19cm (7.48in), W 13-13.5cm (5.11-5.31in)



Sold, Thank you.



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