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SAKAGAMI BY KOMAO HAYASHI (Dealer: misakadou) – Toso (type of wood composition) doll of *’Sakagami’ in the Noh play (‘Semimaru’) made by *Komao Hayashi.
This is a product sold at an old established doll shop in Kyoto before he becomes a Living National Treasure.

approx. H 19cm (7.48in), W 15cm (5.90in), D 14cm (5.51in)

* Sakagami – Sakagami is mad: her cloak is half on, her hair grows upside down, and she constantly raves at children laughing at her appearance. (Reference:

* Komao Hayashi – Hayashi became the apprentice to a 13th-generation doll maker at 18 and a Living National Treasure at 66. Taking inspiration from classical Japanese literature and the cultural exposure of growing up next to Kyoto’s Imperial Palace, he carves a body shape from paulownia wood, then painstakingly sculpts details (head, legs, arms), applying toso, a claylike paste of mainly paulownia sawdust. (The technique dates to the Edo period.) He makes the doll’s clothes out of dyed washi. His crafts embody more than a thousand unbroken years of Kyoto culture’s beauty. He has no apprentice. Craftsmen like Hayashi, 80, with no one to carry on their work, are not unusual. It’s not enough to pass on the requisite skills; a successor must also possess the concomitant artistic sensibility. (Reference:



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