SANJU (Dealer: hotoke) – This calligraphy of ‘Sanju’ (lit. ‘Three obedience’) is a Confucian precept of how a woman must be with the three men in her lifetime, as “Obey your father in your parents’ home, obey your husband when married, then obey your son after the death of your husband.” So, look at this old woman…, her pitifully vacant eyes and the rosary in her hands…, but somehow funny and aesthetic as curiously. Quite a rare old Japanese hanging scroll hardly seen as a unique anachronistic remains representing such female discrimination. Hand-painting on paper, Meiji-Taisho period, early 20th century. Some aged deterioration as seen.

Total: approx. 148.5 x 38.5cm (58.46 x 15.15in)


Sold, Thank you.


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