Antique Japanese blue and white Satsuma karakara sake pot 19c   (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – Folk type of antique drinking ceramic pot (specially for ‘shochu’ Japanese spirits) called ‘karakara’, from Naeshirogawa-kiln in southern Kyushu region, circa End of Edo period – Meiji period, 19th century. Naeshirogawa-kiln was operated by the Korean potters who were taken away by Imjin War (1592-1597) and produced the both of luxury wares and daily wares, – luxury type originally for the gifts used by The Shimazu clan (Satsuma Domain) and for exports for the West as “SATSUMA” products which earned large amount of foreign currency as the result. On the other hand, here is the impressive folk type ware of simple and warm ivory skin designed with gosu-blue trade name, with essential Korean-influence. approx. H 16 cm (6.29in), 600cc



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