Shigaraki incense burner of Buddhist temple use (Dealer: misakadou) – Early Edo period, 17th century. approx. H 22.5-24cm (8.85-9.44in), D 20cm (7.87in)

Originally, probably inborn as a small brazier (teaburi), but used as an incense burner (koro) at Buddhist temple in the later years. Also, arrangeable for tea ceremonial water jug (mizusashi) or flower vase as it’s a vessel of ‘wabi’ succeeded to today and to the future. In fine antique condition, with expected some chips at the mouth-edge, and inborn kiln-flaws at the bottom. (*Highly recommended to make itself wet before arranging with flowers, because it will be more tasteful as that’s the way.)



Sold, Thank you.



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