Japanese Shigaraki senbei jar Momoyama-Edo period (Dealer: misakadou) – Private collection from Ko-Shigaraki (Old Shigaraki ware) collector. Such form called ‘senbei-tsubo’ (jar for rice cracker) as classified (but actually it would be used for tea leaf as properly.), and very quality earlier type of senbei-tsubo in Momoyama-Edo period. Very fine firing as the successful result, with refined glossiness and glassy glaze-dripping. Moreover, with the sign of ‘geta’ (‘Japanese wooden clogs’) as another important “landscape” of such pottery. Expected chips at mouth, and some hairline cracks as seen. Again, very scarce quality piece even hardly seen in the domestic market today as well in fact. approx. H 29cm (11.41in), D 20cm (7.87in)



Sold, Thank you.



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