SHRINE WITH GATE (Dealer: titcoRet) – Very unique and rare type of mature Japanese wooden ‘Zushi’ (Household miniature Shinto shrine/altar) with ‘Torii’ (Shinto guard frame) as ‘Yashikigami’ (Household god) made and enshrined by the unknown local people in Niigata area, Tohoku region, in such naturally and aesthetically damaged (with slight unstableness due to the two base plates) and stained condition with solidified soot due to the folk living environment in long years dated back from the Edo period, 19th century, attached with this ‘Kakashi’ (Scarecrow) made by me enshrined within. approx. H 43.5cm (17.12in), W 38cm (14.96in), D 28.5cm (11.22in)



Sold, Thank you.



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