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YAMAJAWAN (Dealer: minakata antiques) – Primitive biscuit firing pottery bowl called ‘Yamajawan’ (Yama-Chawan / lit. Mountain tea bowl), late Heian – Kamakura period, 12-13th century, Japan.
Since multiple sets of multiple yamajawan were piled up to be fired in the kiln as its particular make, such beautiful greenness (as chemical reaction) of its ash glaze is only able to be seen around the top pile. And, I say this piece is the one of the most beautiful yamajawan I have ever handled in my experience, in the point of such laudable ash-glazed “landscape” with granulated blue and green in naturally distorted form “re-designed” with three refined oxidized ‘gin-naoshi’ (silver-repair) as aged restoration. One spot of sharp crack at mouth-edge is not repaired as is.

approx. D 13.7-16cm (5.39-6.29in), H 4.6-5.7cm (1.81-2.24in)



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