Japanese Korean Joseon dynasty Suna-Gohon tea bowl (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – ‘Gohon chawan’ (lit. ‘Model tea bowl’) as the model or the good example of what chawan have to be with detailed preferences, fired in Korea by order from ‘chajin’ (tea masters or connoisseurs) in Japan during 17-18th century. Moreover. specifically categorized into ‘Suna-Gohon chawan’ made of rough sandy clay for this type. Bold but elegant thin-make body with intentional distortion and impressive rich texture with such distinctive loquat coloring, embodied the concept of ‘Kirei-sabi’ (lit. “Refined rusticity”) as the one of the style of ‘Wabi (Sabi)’ which is the preferred taste for the Kobori Enshu school (Kobori Enshu (1579-1647)). Well-balanced landscape with matcha green. In fine antique condition, with silver restoration (gin-naoshi) and expected two hairline cracks as seen. Attached with wooden box. approx. D 13.3-14.0cm (5.23-5.51in), H 8cm (3.14in)



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