SUPER-MANEKI-NEKO (Dealer: Jinta) – ‘Maneki-neko’ as the traditional Japanese figurine (as lucky charm, talisman) which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner, specially for thriving business as raising right paw like this cat is meant to be good fortune for money. Fatty and deluxe cat like “Big poppa”. So, must be expected to beckon enormous wealth?! Usually made of ceramic or plastic in modern time, but it’s a wood carving ‘super beckoning cat’ as unusual type. Taisho-Showa period, 20th century. Crack at the right hand and with the mark of repair as seen.

approx. H 24cm (9.44in), W 20cm (7.87in), D 15cm (5.90in)


Sold, Thank you.


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