Japanese oval-flat-flask jar with leaves and waves design (Dealer: hotoke antiques) – Quite an impressive and mysterious old Japanese pottery piece with glazed sign (“Made by ‘Tamotsu’ in Showa 17 (1942)”), as I have never seen such similarity in my experience (business) and references. Uniquely very “superflat” from the front, and thick and bold ‘oval flat flask’ form with the brownish depth (side walls) of very “mingei pottery style” (like Mashiko’s as hidden piece?), painted vividly maple (or cannabis) leaves with wave pattern in aesthetic composition at both sides (as somehow southern style like Ryukyu (Okinawa) ware?) Inspirationally as simply I say, it’s pop, classic, high, and rad. Sign of use as slight chips, and seems to be repaired the cracks at the bottom once, but leaks in fact. So, highly recommended to put inner water container (‘otoshi’) into it for the use of flower arrangement. Additionally at last, I’ll keep on researching for its identity and also would like to invite informations from you if you can, then add the information at here later each time if possible, until the time to say good-bye to this treasure. approx. W 37cm (14.56in), D 16cm (6.29in), H 27.5cm (10.82in)



Sold, Thank you.



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