SHINO KOFUKU CHAWAN  (Dealer: minakata antiques) – Japanese Shino pottery ware tea bowl, Momoyama – early Edo period, late 16th – 17th century. approx. D 9.8cm (3.85in), H 5.5cm (2.16in)

Slightly smaller size chawan called ‘kofuku-chawan’ used as portable bowl for trip as well. Re-designed with refined ‘kintsugi’ gold-repair by *’yobitsugi’ method. Besides some ‘nyu’ hairline crack, but no fatal damage for actual use.

*Yobitsugi – One of the Japanese traditional repair method applying the substitute other fragments of same age of the missing fragments to that missing parts, like “re-design” with other but similar material, which requires high repair skill with detailed adjustment (as shaping the substitute fragments to the missing parts, besides just following the ordinary process for ‘kintsugi’ gold-repair), that also tend to be judged for its aesthetics “re-designed” by the repairer’s sensitivity rather than its function, as it’s a work of art rather than just a repaired piece.



Sold, Thank you.



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