Antique Japanese Takatori madara glazed tea bowl 17c (Dealer: misakadou) – Early Takatori tea bowl (‘Ko Takatori chawan’) coated in rare two-color ‘madara’ flambe glaze, made by admirable hired potters from Karatsu as a handed-down excavation through the generations (‘hakkutu-densei’). Quite an impressive wabi-sabi chawan with landscape of the universe (infinity) at inner center (‘mikomi’) in which the predecessors like tea masters (‘chajin’) had also regarded in the past in fact. In such expected antique condition as is, with accidental but preferrable firing results as its taste (landscape), and in well-used condition as seen as well. Attached with wooden box. approx. H 6.5 cm (2.55in), D 7.5 cm (2.95in)



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