TALISMAN OF JAPANESE WOLF (Dealer: titcoRet) – Sacred and unique Edo period’s ‘gofu’ paper talisman with wood-printed Japanese wolf as ‘Ooguchi-no-Magami’* of Mt. Mitakesan in Kai Province which is the protection from thief, evil spirit, fire, etc. as stamped. This frame is just briefly and casually attched by me for shooting its photos, just in case. The condition is as is with such deterioration as seen. Talisman: approx. 31.5 x 10.5cm (12.40 x 4.13in) / Frame: approx. 37.8 x 28.5cm (14.88 x 11.22in)

*References: https://www.japanese-wiki-corpus.org/Shinto/Makami.html / https://en.japantravel.com/saitama/lost-sacred-wolves-and-wolf-worship/46262



Sold, Thank you.



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