THIRTY GUARDIAN DEITIES (Dealer: titcoRet) – Sacred materializations of the Japanese thirty guardian deities (a different one for each day) of the syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism, as a wooden board of ‘Moji-Mandala’ (lit. ‘Letters-Mandala’) and a paper packet of ‘Goshintai’ (Object of worship believed to contain the spirit of a deity), Bunka years (1804-1818) in Edo period. The numbers of deity’s names and etc., the dedicator’s name (Hisauemon Hanzawa), and its date (1809) at the backside of board. And for sure, no idea of what’s inside of the goshintai except the spirit.

Board: approx. H 18.5cm (7.28in), W 10.5cm (4.13in), T 0.5cm (0.19in) / Packet: approx. 11 x 4 x 1.5cm (4.33 x 1.57 x 0.59in)


Sold, Thank you.


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