THREE SAMURAI WITH GUNS (Dealer: hotoke) – Original Japanese ‘makuri’ (unmounted) painting of a scene of three samurai warriors with matchlocks based on the style of ‘Yamato-e’ (lit. ‘Japanese painting’). Edo period, 19th century, Japan.
Curiously cheerful and lovely somehow, though armed, specially because of the guy at left with camera eyes and smile.
According to the ‘Kuyo-mon’ (Nine stars crest) of their kimono, they would be the Kumamoto Domain’s attendants in a parade of ‘Daimyo-gyoretsu’ (lit. ‘Daimyo procession’ formed when daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) went out along with attendants for public purpose).
Expected aged deterioration as is as seen. The frame is not attached with this painting.

approx. 29.3 x 25cm (11.53 x 9.84in)



Sold, Thank you.



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