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TOKONAME LARGE BOWL 12C (Dealer: minakata antiques) – Late Heian – Early Kamakura period, 12th century, Tokoname, Aichi area, Japan

approx. D 29.5-32.5cm (11.61-12.79in), H 13cm (5.11in)

Very solid and heavy like a stone as well-burnt. Originally used as a mortar like for preparation of medicinal herb or etc. (for example, as seen in the scene of ‘Yamai no Soshi’ (Diseases and Deformities) of eminent picture scroll in Heian period). Quite an aesthetic composition of gray texture with spontaneous drippings of blue and green natural glaze, with wild landscape of inborn kiln-flaws (cracks and stuck pottery-fragments) as it is, in rare fine antique condition as retained its original form, since mostly excavated from ground or old wells, so that broken into small fragments usually. (Possibility of restoration (bonding) at a part of foot though)



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