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Tsuboishi – Japanese suiseki scholar’s stone (Dealer: misakadou) – ‘Tsuboishi’ stone categorized as a rare type of *’suiseki’ stone, which is a “jar (tsubo)-like” formed lump of solidified iron, probably from Gifu prefecture or its environs. Private suiseki (or ‘bonseki’) collection from a Japanese lecher as its provenance. Looks like owl face or frog? Quite an impressive and zen, anyway. approx. 23 x 19 x 13cm (9.05 x 7.48 x 5.11in)


*’Suiseki’ – naturally occurring or shaped rocks which are traditionally appreciated among lechers or virtuosi, which are similar to ‘Chinese scholar’s rocks’. Must be expressive stones and have a special shape, color and texture to be categorized as suiseki. According to Hideo Marushima (1934- ) in ‘The History of Suiseki in Japan’ (Nihon aisekishi),


” It is not a silly thing at all to enjoy a stone in a tray. I see the whole world in a tiny stone. Some objects in this world are huge, and others are small, and they come in all shapes, but they are not that different when you look at their essence. ”



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