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Unlacquered wood carving bowls with lids (Dealer: hotoke) – Two pieces of forgotten and hidden wood carving objects through long years in ‘kura’ warehouse in Niigata prefecture in Hokuriku region, Japan, since circa early 20th century.
Unfinished lacquer ware bowls without any lacquering during the production process of lacquer ware, which is in the state before last few stages of carving by ‘kijishi’ (woodturner) before the process of lacquering by ‘nushi’ (lacquerer). Soft and subtle proportions of thin and light make by very delicate carving in milliunit as very impressive craftsmanship of the kijishi of those days (Taisho period or earlier). Tangibly aesthetic and refind by hands as clearly recognizable, besides the satisfactory elegance from its appearance. Super rare pieces.

approx. H 9-8cm (3.54-3.14in), D 12cm (4.72in)



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