Ubugi baby kimono and Semamori stitch design book (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – Old Japanese turmeric-colored ‘Ubugi’ (Baby cotton clothes) with zigzag design of ‘Semamori’ (Amulet stitch against evil and protection for keeping one’s spirit in), signed “Shozo (Baby’s name), Born in Taisho 10 (1921), 9 PM, July.” at the inside. (Also, on the other hand, the center seam stitching two pieces of fabric together means to be semamori for adult’s kimono, which means baby’s semamori is elaborate decorative work rather than functional work.) – attached with an old handmade semamori design book including various samples of geometrical pattern or lucky omen pattern, Taisho – Early Showa period, as the both pieces are important and rare historical materials today.

Clothes – From sleeve to sleeve: approx. 61cm (24.01in), Length: approx. 43cm (16.92in)
Book – approx. 17 x 11cm (6.69 x 4.33in) / Total 22 pp. (including cover)



Sold, Thank you.



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