Antique Japanese wooden vase of Horyu-ji temple  (Dealer: minakata antiques) – Wooden vase made from old lumber remnants from the major renovations of Horyu-ji Temple (World heritage as one of the most celebrated temples in Japan, founded in 607.) during the 1930s. Just cut for its size and given the inside hall to be attached with bronze inner container for functional use as simply natural and minimum man-made arrangement by a Japanese master-hand, as it’s the way of Japanese spirituality and prodigality which have been believed for long time in Japan, with such simple wild grass… With two brands of Horyu-ji Temple in Chinese character. Attached with wooden box. Date: Unknown (probably, Kamakura (1185-1333) or Muromachi period (1336-1573) of rebuilding) Size: approx. W 6.3-6.1 cm (2.48-2.40in), H 28 cm (11.02in)



Sold, Thank you.



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