Antique Japanese hanging scroll of Yurei-ga ghost painting  (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – ‘Yurei-ga’ (ghost painting as a form of ukiyo-e in Edo-Meiji period) of the ghost of elderly married woman with tooth blackening appearing in lonely cemetery. Signs of Mori Kansai (1814-1894) as a famous Japanese ukiyo-e painter, but unidentified its authenticity. (Moreover, its uniqueness and quality of such existing scarce yurei-ga itself is much more valued than the name of painter today.) Repaired and with expected slight stains as seen. Attached with wooden box. approx. Total: 184 x 44 cm (72.44 x 17.32in) / Paper part: 133 x 34 cm (52.36 x 13.38in)



Sold, Thank you.



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