ZEN ZEBRA (Dealer: hotoke) – Bamboo, aluminum, urethane foam. Made by Dai Okumura (@dai_okumura), 2023. H 74.5 x W 40 x D 30cm (29.33 x 15.74 x 11.81in)

This is a form of ‘Bi No Yo’ (lit. ‘Usage Of Beauty’ – Adaptation from perfection) as a counter for the recognition of art called ‘Yo No Bi’ (lit. ‘Beauty Of Usage’ – Beauty in everyday crafts (defined by Japanese mingei movement)) that is a form of tea ceremonial conception called ‘Mitate’ (A point of view as “Sees things as different things, not as they should be”) when going back to the past or future, and also a form of ‘Zen’ for right here and right now.



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