ZUSHI FUSION (Dealer: titcoRet) – Sacred and tasteful wooden ‘zushi’ (miniature shrine/altar) of ‘Shinbutsu-shugo’ (Syncretization of Shinto with Buddhism), Ansei 4 (1857), Edo period, Japan, approx. H 14.5cm (5.70in), W 17.5cm (6.88in), D 12cm (4.72in), inscribed syncretising deities of Buddhist Jizo Bosatsu (Jizo Bodhisattva) with Shinto Kasuga Daimyojin and Buddhist Kanzeon Bosatsu (Avalokitaisvara) with Shinto Amaterasu Oomikami in black ink at the backside, as a unique embodiment of reconstructed Japanized religion.



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