Here I do specialize in old pottery ware arranged with Japan-specific repair called ‘kintsugi’.

Traditionally, kintsugi is functionally based on lacquer as the role of glue and decoratively sprinkled with gold or silver powder on it, which had been highly appreciated as not just “repair” but also “art” originally by the aristocracy of Japanese connoisseurs who handle rare and high-priced pottery ware for tea ceremony (cha-no-yu) since ancient times.

Recently, as the substitute for lacquer, the material made of some botanical tree sap is often used for the base of kintsugi. And so, I handle the pottery ware with both types of kintsugi, either traditional way (lacquer) or recent way (substitute), because I do more value the appreciative effect (given variation and depth to the repaired piece itself) by use of kintsugi irrespective of the process, like such predecessors or hopefully you would take the same point of view.

Please check this out actually with your eyes and hands. Enjoy.


Shogo Otakara
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